Anri Ichimura

Section Editor, Esquire Philippines
Maybe darker, horror-infused storylines and characters could save Marvel from superhero fatigue.
Marvel’s Phase 5 is in full swing.
It’s a good thing misery loves company because we’ve got your back.
Siy is the second Filipino to win the title of Asia’s Best Female Chef.
Here are some top-tier, women-approved Valentine’s gifts that your girlfriend, wife, or situationship will actually want.
The granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin is going to Pandora.
The Art and Science of the Pitch is rooted in Filipino entrepreneurial stories, with input from the most successful startup founders and influential investors in the community.
Filipinos could be among the first batch to win free tickets as starting March 1, Hong Kong's free ticket raffles will focus on travelers from Southeast Asia.
It looks and feels indulgent, setting itself apart from regular credit cards.
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