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Hopping off the fitness wagon needn't mean your goals get flattened. Rest assured, a break can be a very good thing.
Men's Health UK's Fitness Editor explains why openness, honesty, and transparency could cause more harm than good.
Feeling lackluster now summer's long gone? One 30-minute workout could be all it takes to reboot your motivation and restore your sunny disposition.
You can enjoy a drink without piling on weight—you just need to know which drinks won't go straight to your beer belly.
'Little men are lightweights' and other famous myths debunked.
Chris Evans says that he's "getting old" and can't take his alcohol anymore.
Instead of heavy lifting, Cavill's coach Dave Rienzi prescribed moderate weights for The Witcher star to bulk up quickly.
Author and performer AL Kennedy writes about an early morning wake-up call.
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