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Plus some funny and feel-good stories as well.
The last time Metro Manila was under enhanced community quarantine, most people who had access to the internet had little else to do but scroll mindlessly past their social media feeds. Almost every week, an issue would explode online and it seemed ...
Filipino-born Canadian actor Manny Jacinto takes us through his long and patient journey to Hollywood.
Can a name sound any more Filipino than Manny Jacinto? When the credits of hit comedy NBC series The Good Place revealed the name behind the show’s “Jason Mendoza,” a lead character who wears a barong-inspired outfit in the first few episodes ...
Consider this a lesson that you can always start fresh in your career.
Let's be honest. There is no such thing as a "retired" actor in the Philippines. "Retired" actors can shy away from blockbusters or teleseryes, but you'll eventually find their faces on the back of a bus, peddling rice cookers, toaster ovens, or ...
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