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A local Asan man had even struck the statue with a sledgehammer.
Apolinario Mabini's exile in Guam from 1901 to 1903 can be viewed as one of his last great acts of nationalism. He refused to submit to American powers and would end up being captured and arrested by United States troops. His letters ...
Mabini dedicated his La Revolucion Filipina to the most important woman in his life.
Apolinario Mabini wasn’t called the Brains of the Revolution for nothing. Despite losing the function of both his legs to polio, he proved himself invaluable to the revolution and the eventual establishment of the First Philippine Republic. Mabini was also an educator, lawyer ...
How did he lose the use of his legs?
Of the Filipino intellectuals of the late 19th century—the Rizals, the Paternos, and all the other ilustrados, one man sits comfortably above all of them: the sublime paralytic, Apolinario Mabini.Though a prolific writer and a veteran of two wars, it’s surprising that ...
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