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Bespoke tailor company Salvo has a few ideas.
This year's Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride happens on Sunday, May 23. The annual celebration marks a decade of classic and vintage style motorcycle owners dressing up, looking dapper, and riding for a great cause. Founded by Mark Hawwa in Sydney, Australia, the first themed ...
FuelMe has recreated her race car named Victoria as scale models.
Some seven years ago, Angie King and her shop Car Porn Racing invited Japanese Porsche tuner Akira Nakai of RWB to customize classic 911 Porsches for local owners. RWB stands for Rau-Welt Begriff which means “rough world perception” in German. Angie King's customized ...
From suits and dress shirts to eyeglasses and pajamas.
In this time of ready-to-wear and mass production of fast fashion, bespoke service has become true luxury. Though many tailors in Manila offer made-to-measure services, only a handful make bespoke, fully hand-made menswear pieces.Here, we list down the luxury boutiques in Manila that ...
At a fraction of the cost of the real deal.
Of course, you'd never have to worry about style or fit if all your clothes were made-to-measure or bespoke, but let's face it: it’s not always possible to spend a good chunk of money and be a dressmaker’s dummy for a day (or two ...
Your stylish distraction of the day requires over six months to make.
Because they are made to your feet’s measure, taking into consideration all their nuances, whether they are extra wide or one is slightly longer than the other, and created to your liking, from materials to colors to all the tiny details that ...
Three designers team up to bring back bespoke textiles to modern luxury living.
Every partnership has its own story to tell and the team of Tracie Dizon, Victoria Tambunting, and Ian Giron, the three multi-faceted individuals behind the House of Sachrijara, is no exception. The trio has decades of design experience both here and abroad, ...
The rise of “the new bespoke” is sure to take you on a high.
In this age of mass consumption and instant-everythings, it’s hard to imagine that the time-honored and ultra-conventional art of bespoke can actually survive. Even London’s Savile Row, the venerated birthplace of genuine bespoke tradition that’s clothed the richest and the most cultured since ...
The sacrosanct rules that will help you get the most out of your tailoring.
Getting your tailoring right is no simple matter, which is why we've carved onto stone (or on The Internet of things) the ten unbreakable commandments of wearing a suit and wearing it well.Always rest your suit at least two days between wears. ...
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