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A change of direction was definitely expected.
The DC Universe is going through a cultural reset, folks. With James Gunn and Peter Safran recalibrating the DC multiverse's next chapter, we were bound to see some big changes and we already did. Recently, some of the casualties announced for such ...
“Henry Cavill is our generation’s Superman, and in my opinion, the greatest Superman.”
Warner Bros. and DC Studios are positioning Black Adam as the DCEU’s big comeback, and it’s not surprising to see why. Dwayne Johnson dominated in his portrayal of Black Adam, a role he was born to play, but it was the last ...
No, like, seriously.
The DC universe is no stranger to highlighting obscure characters. Despite boasting three of the most well-recognized superheroes of all-time—you know their names—the DC movies as of late have been teeing up characters you wouldn't normally expect to be a blockbuster headliner. ...
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