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The vibe at the resort is fresh, energetic, and fun—just like the island.
Nothing says Boracay more than paraws sailing against an orange sunset. For all island visitors, this is the lasting image of Boracay, one they take back with them when their holiday is over—a fiery sunset and the wind-powered boats gliding gracefully on ...
It's the only Philippine location to make the list.
TIME Magazine just released its "World's Greatest Places of 2022," and out of those 50 slots, only one Philippine location made the list. It's none other than our "paradise lost" Boracay Island."It had become known as 'Paradise Lost,' or a 'cesspool,' as ...
One of the OG beach resorts in Boracay is still closed. Will it ever reopen?
There are many hotels and resorts in Boracay Island for every kind of budget: from hundred-peso rooms with bunk beds to hundred-thousand-peso-a-night luxury villas and suites. But few are as revered and as well-known as Fridays Boracay. Located on Station 1, on the ...
Ready to go back to the island?
The bacon is crispy at Astoria Boracay’s breakfast buffet. Even if you’re not a breakfast person, you’ll make sure to get up and make your way to the airy White Café to fill your plate with the perfectly cooked strips of pork. ...
Art on a Plate is a true feast for the senses.
Negative space in art is the empty space between and around the subjects, and in the past decades we’ve seen this in all aspects of design and even in gastronomy. There is drama in this visual emptiness, as there is in the ...
Try these out if you’re looking for something new in the island.
In the past months, as Boracay was emerging from the pandemic and welcoming more visitors, the island’s dining scene has gotten more varied with new restaurants opening on White Beach and along the main road. In April, six new ones opened at ...
Tourists and locals wore pink for Robredo's visit.
Vice President and presidential aspirant Leni Robredo and her running mate Senator Kiko Pangilinan received a warm welcome from Boracaynons, Malaynons, and Aklanons during her visit to Boracay on Wednesday, February 16.Tourists and locals alike donned their pink shirts and face masks ...
Japanese car brand Nissan renews partnership with the Department of Tourism for its Safe Trips campaign.
When the Department of Tourism launched the Safe Trips campaign alongside car brand Nissan in November 2020, the idea was simple: promote travel in an era when people were hesitant to step out of their homes. It was a logical partnership as the ...
What happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay…?
It’s 10:30 on a Friday night and we’re choosing a table inside an open-air bar in Boracay. There are only about three occupied areas in the space, with several people in each group drinking and laughing. A DJ is blasting house-tinged reggae ...
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