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When these actors aren't on screen, they're probably managing their businesses.
While acting alone already proves to be a demanding job, some Filipino actors have taken the extra mile, pursuing businesses while attending back-to-back tapings and memorizing long scripts. As these 10 actors’ ventures range from food enterprises to service establishments and music-related companies, they ...
Everybody’s favorite electronics store is a shadow of its former self.
At its peak, CD-R King had about 500 branches scattered all across the archipelago. By comparison, Mang Inasal, one of the most famous fast-food chains in the country currently has around 450 branches. CD-R King was the retail equivalent of the lechon manok, ...
And it looks like the end isn’t quite in sight yet.
A second wave of job cuts at Uber has seen the ride–hailing service lose another 3,000 of its staff because of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The announcement comes less than two weeks after it laid off some 3,700 of its ...
In 2013, Henry Motte-Muñoz created, the one-stop site for everything students need to know before applying to a school.
When the K to 12 program was implemented in the Philippine education system in 2013, Henry Motte Muñoz set a project in motion—a startup that initially sought to fill a gap in the school-hunting process. His brainchild,, planted its roots as ...
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