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The space is masterfully transformed by its new Italian tenant, but the influence of the cultural artist can still be felt in the details.
Barely an hour into his first day back in Manila, Italian Luca Bombeccari found himself walking along McKinley Road—barefoot—with his friend, the late Carlos Celdran trailing behind. He couldn’t remember the exact date, but it was around the first week of January 2018 for ...
Carlos Celdran's former intern shares cool, alternative walking tours to take this month.
With everyone flocking to Manila, the month of December was always the busiest season for performance artist and tour guide Carlos Celdran. As Celdran’s perpetual intern, I would spend every university break shadowing tours and reading sources. Once the days started ticking ...
It's going to be held at the Philippines' tallest flagpole.
The tallest flagpole in the Philippines, also known as the Independence Flagpole, stands at 105 feet near the Rizal Monument in Rizal Park, Manila. On December 2, the monthly flag raising ceremony here will double as a tribute to the late Carlos Celdran. Celdran, lauded ...
Albay Representative Edcel Lagman wants Carlos Celdran to officially be a free man.
After his death, Carlos Celdran might become a free man again. That is, if House Bill No. 5170 will pass into law. Filed by Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, HB 5170 seeks to retroactively repeal the crime of offending religious feelings (Article 133) that was charged ...
Over 300 people attended the tribute to the famed performance artist led by Gabe Mercado
Despite rainfall earlier in other parts of the metro, in Fort Santiago, on the late afternoon of October 19, everything was just right. The weather was warm, a bit humid but bearable and nowhere near scorching hot. The sky was clear and ...
"Carlos was not for the fainthearted. He was a flame that lit up the room."
Denise Celdran, sister of Carlos Celdran, shared on her social media the eulogy delivered by her brother Miguel for Carlos. The eulogy is a glimpse into the life of Carlos as a Filipino, a son, and a brother.Haaay, Carlos.Carlos was many things ...
He moved even those turned off by the history refracted through his lens enough to inspire protest or to trigger deeper reading and analysis.
Like the word ‘love,’ ‘exile’ is both a noun and a verb. To Carlos Celdran who loved his country with intensity, to be exiled and to be an exile could only be a sentence that shatters the spirit.I had known Carlos for ...
This country needed someone like Carlos Celdran.
 “I need time away. I need to clear my head” are the last words Carlos Celdran said to me in private conversation. He was deeply sad, he had said, to be leaving his beloved home—“bawling”, he said. This was in January, and I ...
He was a fearless advocate of Philippine culture, history, and identity.
Artist, writer, and cultural activist Carlos Celdran passed away earlier today, October 8, while in Spain. In a Facebook post, his wife Tesa confirmed his death, saying "he passed away from natural causes."Celdran was known for pushing the boundaries of art and culture, ...
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