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These tough-as-nails watches are designed for men who like a bit more function in their wristwear.
Casio celebrated its 100 millionth shipment of G-Shocks a couple of years ago.It's a brand beloved by both the SAS and hypebeasts—fans include soldiers, firefighters, and astronauts; collaborators include Stüssy, Levi’s and A Bathing Ape. The “unbreakable” original with its “triple 10 ...
It packs a lot of tech
What if we told you that somewhere out there is a Casio that costs as much as the down payment for a high-end SUV? Shocking, we know, but such a thing truly does exist.This is the G-Shock MRGB1000D-1A, the latest addition to ...
Here's everything you need to know about Casio watches.
Cool, stylish, durable, and affordable, the Japanese company has made countless industry innovations since introducing its first digital quartz watch in the 1970s and has managed to stay ahead of the timesIf you’re looking for a timepiece with genuine street cred, there’s ...
Now all you have to do is choose your favorite.
Practically everyone is familiar with the classic Casio G-Shock watch, but not everyone knows its interesting origin story. The first G-Shock was the brainchild of Kikuo Ibe, a Casio engineer who began a quest to create a rugged timepiece after his watch ...
It's the first G-Shock watch designed by a Filipino.
Fueled by a sudden inspiration, it only took one social media post for Dylan Dylanco to make the decision to join the recent Design the National G-Shock competition held by Casio. Little did she know that her entry would rise to the top.“I ...
Because you can never have too many tickers in your collection.
Every man—no matter how simple or powerful—has exactly 24 hours in every day of his life, but how many have a face to wear on their wrist for each hour? Are there actually 24 watches that are worth wearing in this world? ...
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