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Celebrate Batman Day by watching all the best Batman films on HBO Go. 
Which Batman is your favorite? Beefy Batfleck? Broody Baleman? To celebrate Batman Day, we round up the best and battiest Batman movies you can stream right now. From Dawn of Justice (yes, it’s on the list) to Lego Batman, here are the flicks you should ...
The gorgeous black-and-white movie defies the conventions of what it means to love.
Svetlana Cvetko enjoys films where nothing happens. The award-winning immigrant director and cinematographer likes sitting through cinéma vérité and slice of life feature films, which explains a lot about Show Me What You Got, her monochromatic exploration of polyamory with a charismatic trio of ...
All you need to know about banishing maskne and dark spots.
The relentless barrage of Zoom calls and wearing masks outdoors have directed your attention to new skin concerns, particularly on the face. Maybe you’ve observed spots of adult acne around your nose and mouth area or you’ve started noticing a few blemishes ...
DC animated movies are intended for mature audiences. Characters die, heroes have affairs, things are just most interesting.
Compared to its rival superhero universe under the house of mouse, the DCEU has largely been hit or miss. The MCU’s live-action films have been a consistent stream of blockbusters while the DCEU has been more of a roller coaster ride.But since ...
Brands connect themselves to Diaz’s singular achievement, but her victory is much bigger than a congratulatory message. 
Let me forget, for a while, the politicians and their expected behavior. Forget the obvious, and also quite expected, 180-degree turns of opinion from two years ago. Over a span of 48 hours, hundreds of Filipino brands large and small have turned out ...
At home? On a date? Working? There’s a Fossil watch for any occasion.
There’s a reason why Fossil watches are so popular. Since its inception in 1984, the American brand has been creating stylish and versatile watches for men, helping it become one of the world’s largest watchmakers today. Its watches are classic and contemporary and ...
The sidequel presents the Korean emotion of han, a collective feeling of anguish.  
Jun Ji-hyun makes for an unlikely villain. But make no mistake, the superstar stunner has come a long way from My Sassy Girl and breathes cold, vengeful life into Ashin, the mysterious figure encountered by Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji-Hoon) and Seo-bi (Bae Doona) at the ...
The My Amanda actor and producer insists that platonic relationships between men and women are possible.
With My Amanda topping Netflix’s trending shows on its first week, Piolo Pascual must be feeling pretty good. Pascual, whose Spring Films co-produced the film with Alessandra de Rossi’s A World of Our Own, received the project as a gift from his co-star. “It ...
This online vintage store offers storied pieces like ashtrays from the iconic Stork Club in New York City and old Esquire calendars from Peruvian painter Alberto Vargas.
In the earlier half of the 20th century, the Stork Club in New York City was one of the most prestigious clubs in the world—movie stars, mafia members, and presidents like John F. Kennedy frequented the haunt.The Stork Club has been closed ...
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