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The Evolution of Indie Publishing: From Physical to Digital Spaces.
The importance of independent publishing, and its symbiotic relationship with commercial publishing, cannot be understated. Filling in a niche in the bigger literary space, independent publishing offers services similar to those offered by traditional publishers, but in new and innovative methods. As ...
It's an ancient Filipino martial art.
It’s official: director Denis Villeneuve’s long-awaited cinematic adaptation of the sci-fi classic Dune will hit theaters in Metro Manila on November 10. That’s exciting, and yet also a little bittersweet, because as we’re all aware, there’s still some risk involved in going ...
The vanishing richness of our marine species is alarming. 
This COVID pandemic has drastically limited the number of places we can visit. As a sprawling outdoor destination, the Marikina River remains one of the few places left for Metro Manila’s citizens to commune with nature.I visited the river right after the ...
America couldn’t overcome the inertia of history.
“Does ‘republic’ mean Father and I will have to move away?” asked Hassan, the green-eyed, harelip servant boy with a “China doll face,” in one of the most haunting lines in Khaled Husseini’s wrenching novel, The Kite Runner. Here was an achingly ...
No need to soundproof your room for remote work.
In this pandemic, we all know the pain of trying to talk over the sound of random household noises like dogs barking or children crying. It isn’t exactly easy to hear our colleagues over the honking of cars outside either. And who ...
The introvert creator describes his work as his 'sanctuary.'
Eman San Andres is an introvert. That’s why, when his creations went viral the past week, he was shocked. San Andres is the brains behind the Kalsada Heroes digital art series, which includes 11 characters such as Mamang Sorbetero and Magtataho.When asked ...
Cebu Homecraft is committed to producing sustainably made furniture.
Looking at Cebu Homecraft’s eye-catching, impeccably crafted pieces, you’d never guess that they’re made out of driftwood and recycled denim. But owner and designer James Doran-Webb’s commitment to sustainability drives him to constantly innovate new ways of turning second-life materials into stylish ...
He has many goofy shortcomings, but he never failed as a father. 
I’d like to think of my dad as the real-life Homer Simpson or Phil Dunphy. He likes to drink and smoke. He loves watching anything on TV and on Netflix. He loves to go out. I don’t think he likes his job ...
It’s a modern take on a courtship song called Balluha’d Bayauhen. 
If, like everyone else, you’ve been binging Trese over the past week, you’ve probably wondered about the name and meaning of its hauntingly beautiful opening song. Its distinctively ethnic yet modern sound perfectly sets the tone for a series about Philippine mythological ...
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