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Not because it's a good idea, but precisely because it's a bad one.
Crocs has done it again. The purveyor of aggressively ugly clogs teamed up with Japanese brand Beams on a capsule collection and it includes Crocs with goddamn fanny packs attached to them. They're available now, for just $53. Naturally, the Internet has ...
We'd like to apologize for making you aware of these things.
While you were snoring in bed or praying for the dead, several bewildering moments were recorded in the annals of style. You can consider these as the (sad) detritus of the past days or, really, the facts that perfectly describe the times ...
Coming to terms with Crocs, Birkenstocks, and Tevas.
So a few things happened recently. The super duper cut of Deadpool 2 was released, giving fans of the prune-faced hero another chance to decide if its self-aware shtick was really, really funny or really, really not funny. In the opening scene, Deadpool ...
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