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Menswear and womenswear designer Keith Brown is breaking barriers one well-crafted piece at a time—and the Manila-based creative is ready to step into the spotlight.
The cool industrial-style door to Keith “Kebo” Brown’s apartment-slash-studio located on the 15th floor of a nondescript Makati building is indicative of the kind of individual who inhabits the four walls beyond it: creative and utterly unique. Stepping into Brown’s apartment is ...
These Filipino designers make furniture that can stand the test of time.
The combination of solid Philippine craftsmanship and design is incomparable. Here, we list down the designers that make furniture more than just a functional design.A post shared by Mcca Industrial Corp (@mccaindustrial) on Mar 9, 2018 at 2:13pm PSTUnder MCCA Industrial Corporation ...
The real deal is here.
By now, even the man on the street is familiar with Off-White—or at least, Off-White's signature motifs: the thick diagonal bars, the yellow industrial belt, and the deconstructed Nikes (which have all run rampant in the bootleg market and among Filipino "hypebeasts"). You might even be able to ...
You can't go wrong with any of these classic styles.
A shoe has evolved into much more than just protective footwear. It's an expression of style, and for some, a coveted design piece.Here we round up the most iconic pairs of designer shoes of all time.The Pigalle Pump needs no introduction. Though ...
Slick black with hits of orange.
Last year, it was a pair of NMD Chukkas, a shopping tote, and a waist bag. This year, Adidas Originals is reprising its long-time collaboration with the renowned Japanese masters of bags and luggage, Porter Yoshida and Company, with a pair of ...
Ramon Valera accentuated the female form by puffing out the sleeves and drawing the waistline in; he also discarded the panuelo, allowing women to show more of their necklines.
The Center for Campus Art of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde presents “Ramon Valera and the Modern,” an exhibit on the life and designs of the late National Artist for Fashion, as its first show for the school year. Several ...
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