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Is this the origin story of Buzz Lightyear the man or the toy? Or both? And yes, we have follow-ups.
Let's cut to it: most sequels are bad. Or at least middling in comparison to the original. And then there's Toy Story, whose three (3) sequels have been as great, if not better than the 1995 original. And for the record, I played ...
Grab your popcorn. 
Eternals is set to premiere at the Rome Festival in just two weeks, and the lucky Europe-based Marvel fans are already eagerly waiting for whatever the credits will have in store for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As if confirmation of a post-credits scene wasn’t ...
See where Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings fits in our great sendup of the MCU's 25(!) films.
Sure, Marvel has been keeping fans happy for just about all of 2021 with its Disney+ jams, between WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and of course, Loki. But we all know that feeling. That feeling, you say? The goosebumps you get in a cushy, dark-red movie ...
The actress claims her agreement ensured the film would release exclusively in theaters.
By most accounts, Marvel's Black Widow was another success for the studio that makes roughly 80 percent of all media nowadays. (Don't trust us on our math.) We saw a villain twist for the ages, the return of JLD, and a Hawkeye tease that still has us reeling.Why do ...
Watch the trailer of Encanto. 
Everything about Encanto’s trailer looks promising. Like Coco, it highlights a certain culture, this time, of Colombia. The story takes place in the household of the Madrigal family, whose members are all “gifted”—one can enchant objects to move on their own, one has ...
The author and his fans are now campaigning for a Disney adaptation of the popular books.
“Bring the thunder, Alagaesians!” tweeted Christopher Paolini, author of the Eragon book series.“Alagaesia” is a word fantasy readers haven’t heard for well over a decade, not since Inheritance, the last book in Paolini’s The Inheritance Cycle series, was released. For most of ...
The collab is a solid effort to minimize the company’s carbon footprint
Back in January, Adidas announced it was giving its classic tennis shoe, the Stan Smith, the unenviable task of saving the world. Since it first released in the early 1960s, fans of the Trefoil have remained loyal to this now immortal sneaker, ...
What do they mean?
Pop culture geeks must be having the time of their lives this week. A day after the premiere of Zack Synder’s Justice League, the filmmakers’ cut of the superhero movie, it was Marvel’s turn to titillate fans with The Falcon and the ...
The song will appear in Raya and the Last Dragon.
For the first time ever in its history, Disney is releasing a Filipino song to accompany its latest animated feature. In the tradition of great anthems in the studio’s catalogue, “Gabay” will appear on the soundtrack of Raya and the Last Dragon, ...
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