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Sarsa evolves with playful yet restrained new dishes
There seems to be no stopping Chef JP Anglo when it comes to reimagining Filipino food. When he first opened his Negrense-centric restaurant Sarsa in 2013, people queued diligently for his take on batchoy, chicken inasal, and kansi.It wasn't so much about seeing the famed ...
More good news for your cheese addiction.
We always knew brie couldn't be that unhealthy. After all, how could something so delicious when melted in the oven be bad?And thankfully researchers from the Texas A&M University are here to help us continue our addiction thanks to new findings linking ...
Erm, grr?
Need another reason to stuff your face this Christmas? Apparently you can put it all down to wanting to appear macho.A new study from the Food Lab at Cornell University has discovered that men overeat among friends to appear more masculine. Researchers ...
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