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It wasn't all miserable. There were moments of joy, compassion, delicious irony, and delightful weirdness.
Can you believe this year was only 365 days long? 2017 was a real non-stop gut-punch of a year: cruel, dispiriting, petty, violent, and callous. Our heroes died, our enemies seized power, and then our heroes who weren't dead turned out to ...
Stinkers, one and all
2017 has been an absolutely cracking year in film—we've had an absolute wealth of quality drama, smart sci-fi, ground-breaking horror, funny, grown-up superhero movies, and now Star Wars. But along with the hits there'll always be the misses.No one sets out to make ...
How many of these do you remember?
It's one thing to quit a show in a tantrum, but quite another when the show quits on you. Bad behavior, bad attitudes, bad blood, bad luck; there are any number of things that can lose an actor their spot in the ...
For your consideration: The most exciting things we played with over the past year
The Must-Have: Nintendo SwitchAttribute some of the Switch's appeal to its namesake trick—you can carry it around and play anywhere, or detach the controllers and play it on a big TV. That flexibility makes it appealing to frequent flyers. For us, it ...
These are reminders of times gone by.
The best way to experience and appreciate a city is by looking at its historical architecture. And Manila, with its long, colorful history, is a treasure trove of sorts when it comes to that. If you don’t have the whole day to ...
Love stories, coming of age tales, and studies of human behavior
Whether you're sticking your head in the sand or looking for some meaningful advice, dark times make for excellent books. Now we're on the last pages of 2017 it's time to remind yourself of the glut of great reads you might have ...
Your Christmas feast, solved.
The holiday turkey is one foreign tradition that deserves adoption in local Christmas tables. This massive bird makes a beautiful centerpiece for many a holiday feast, often accompanied by gravy, stuffing and plum pudding. The tradition of having turkey for Christmas dates ...
This store is a gift that keeps giving.
Christmas: The time of the year for Kris Kringle, monito-monita, Secret Santa, and strategic office gift-giving (you'll definitely want to give your boss more than a mug). What do you give away? Nothing too expensive because your bonus can only go so ...
Which one was your favorite?
There are ways to tell when Christmas has arrived in the Philippines. Come August or September, Christmas decorations will be mingling with skulls and Jack O' Lanterns in the malls. Then, Jose Mari Chan will blaring through loud speakers. Come November, everyone will ...
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