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If there ever was a goal in pursuing masculine nirvana, is it not gaining respect?
Most nights, I roll around in bed, reflecting on what I've done lately, in the hope that if that thing I said or this thing I did was rooted in an overcompensation I can identify, it might make change a little more ...
A frat brother defends the institution.
At the beginning of every semester, I always ask my students about their reasons for going to law school. Some of them answered they want to continue a family tradition. One student even had the audacity to say that being a lawyer ...
A story about Mang Inasal, Shakey's, videoke, and con men—an American national, William Entriken, details his strange and terrifying encounter with local grifters.
The scary and surreal story of American national William Entriken Jr.'s encounter with local con artists while he was in the Philippines is the stuff that movies are made of (thankfully, not on the level of The Human Centipede; it's closer to The Hangover ...
If a lot of the streets in Metro Manila are quite hostile even for normal pedestrians, imagine how much the dangers are multiplied for PWDs.
Perhaps more than any other fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones, I was quite relieved when Brandon Stark made it back to Winterfell after six long seasons. After surviving a fall from a tower in season one, Bran ended up as a ...
“I’m sure kids in traditional schools have lots of one-ups over our kids,” says Kiddo. “But I noticed that mine are very comfortable with people of all ages. They respect adults, but they also seem to treat them as equals."
As soon as this family of five scuttled through the automatic glass doors of the specialty supermarket, Cady, 6, who brought her longboard, started cruising through checkout counters and dodging barrier belts. Dylan, 4, was treating the ironwork of the membership counter ...
In "Origin Story," Chuck Smith talks about growing up thinking he was Pepsi Paloma's son.
I asked if I was the son of the dead ’80s bold star. “Chuck,” she said, pausing this time. “Anak ka ng Diyos.”Here’s a confession: I am the son of a dead ’80s bold star. Until, one day, I was not. But, by ...
Why do most of us feel comfortable enough having, say, murder discussed in front of our children, but not sex?
I think we should all talk about sex a whole lot more. Our national—if not global—taboo against sexually explicit speech has always struck me as perplexing.Okay, maybe not “always.” When I was 14 years old and living in Alabama, I used to ...
Don't get him started on straight couples.
Gay marriage? What’s there to object? What could be worse than straight marriage? The same face but older; the same shallowness on her part and the unmerited smugness of a man who has suckled wisdom from the teats of the great Og Mandino. ...
In those days, broadcasters didn't build personality cults, didn't rack up product endorsements like Friday night beers at a neighborhood bar.
My sister and I grew up in newsrooms. Our summer vacations from school were often spent on unpaid “internships” at wherever our dad, a lifelong radio man, happened to be working. We would linger at breakfast in the clothes we’d slept in, ...
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