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Asia’s best pole vaulter is a Filipino. 
Filipino pole vaulter Ernest Obiena is on a mission to prove one loss does not define a career. Known to fans as EJ, the 25-year-old national champion has been resetting the Philippine national pole vault records since 2014, and is bouncing back ...
This server gives a new meaning to virtual reality.
The pandemic has no doubt brought about an entirely new way of life for people to adjust to staying at home. These new norms push the limits of creativity so that we can cope with the current situation. College students are no ...
Avelina was expectedly stunned.
Supercar vlogger Alex Hirschi AKA “Supercar Blondie” on social media posted a now-viral video not about supercars like what she normally does. Instead, it was a surprise “documentary” video of her handing a box full of cash to her Filipina admin staff ...
Senator Pia Cayetano was wrong to say that our level of English proficiency is nakakahiya.
During a Senate hearing on Monday, Senator Pia Cayetano demanded to know why some broadcasters choose to air children’s programs dubbed in Filipino instead of their original versions in English. She wants kids to learn how to speak English as early as ...
We may not be known for science, but the Philippines has made some remarkable contributions to the field.
You may have read Filipino Invention Myths We Totally Fell For and learned that no, a Filipino did not invent the fluorescent lamp. No, a Filipino did not invent the Armalite. No, ancient Filipinos did not use yoyos as weapons. When it comes ...
Here are the origins of some Filipino slang used in the past 50 years.
You might not be aware of it but you may be using Filipino slang that your parents may have used way back in the ‘70s. Filipino slang is a fascinating topic for any scholar of language because of its quickly and constantly ...
Filipino is taught in some of the world's top universities.
Unknown to many, the Philippines has been promoting the use of the Filipino language in other countries. It is taught in some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including Sorbonne University in France, Osaka University in Japan, University of London ...
They're pioneers of Filipino food overseas.
Purple Yam and Jeepney have once again been recognized as some of the most stellar restaurant in New York City. The pioneering Filipino restaurants are ranked 84th and 98th, respectively, on Time Out's esteemed list of 100 Best New York restaurants. Purple Yam, ...
Larry Itliong, helped pave the way for the success of labor movements in America.
In 1929, 15-year-old Larry Itliong sailed to America along with 31,000 other Filipinos. There, he aspired to become a successful lawyer and dreamed of seeking justice for the poor and the marginalized.But the 1930s was not a good time to be a ...
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