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Who said traveling was an ordeal?
Airports are not usually associated with leisure and relaxation, what with stress factors like check-in and immigration; not to mention the fatigue that remains even when one is already on board. (Let’s not even get started with jet lag, but we’ve found ...
Plus a look at some of the best airlines' top cabins and offerings.
Are you taking the practical route or are you overindulging? Below, we compare the different amenities between flying business class versus first class, and which type of cabin seats might suit your needs and wants better. Business class flights, as their name suggests, ...
From personal assistants and Mercedes-Benz escorts to free-flowing Champagne, these airport lounge perks make the upgrade to first class worth it.
Airport downtime may be the great equalizer among travelers, but what makes the difference is where and how you wait while you watch planes take off and land.A first class ticket can provide you with an open door to an opulent lounge where ...
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