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Indulge, you deserve it.
Traveling via plane, especially if you're on a long-haul flight, can be a bit uncomfortable. Aside from the possibility of motion sickness, you have to endure not stretching your legs for a while, eating in-flight meals, and getting bored out of your ...
It will be voluntary, but we still can't imagine this going over well
Frequent flyers tend to know all the ins and outs of getting the most out of their air travel experience, from picking out the perfect piece of luggage to making sure their bags don't exceed the inevitable weight limit. Still, they might ...
Everybody loves free toiletries, especially if they’re luxury brands.
When you’re traveling in first or business class, flying becomes just as enjoyable an experience as the rest of your trip. Apart from the roomy, fully-reclining seats, fine meals, and in-flight entertainment, one thing travelers look forward to is the luxury amenity ...
According to cabin crew
There are lots of factors that come into where we choose to sit on a plane. They might vary according to how fearful a flier we are, how late we are at booking our seat, or our preference when it comes to ...
Where to find the best service (and the comfiest seats)
If you want to make sure you only fly with the very best next year, this latest airline ranking is a good place to start.The annual assessment of the world's air carriers has been released by and when it comes top-class passenger experience, ...
Is there really a “corpse cupboard”?
Hardly anyone thinks about what happens when a passenger passes away on a plane. But with over three billion people flying every year, a medical emergency is bound to happen sometime. If, in spite of the cabin crew’s best efforts, that incident ...
For flights when not everything is awesome.
Last year, Philippine Airlines released its "Heart of the Nation" inflight safety video. It was lauded for showing off different tourist destinations around the Philippines, and crowdsourcing its actors from each of the featured locations.It's certainly a nice change from the video they ...
It's going to be a looong flight.
The Atat BoarderFor the most part, flights have reserved seats now. It’s mind-boggling why people still attempt to board when it’s not their turn yet. Plus, the crew checks each ticket, and asks you to step aside when your row hasn’t been ...
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