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Next year it will be 90 years old. Why does it still work so well in so many ways?
In the spring of 2012, the design studio Barnbrook faced an unenviable dilemma: how to brand a product that had spent more than 40 years consciously resisting all branding? The product was David Bowie. More specifically, Jonathan Barnbrook and Jonathan Abbott were ...
“It’s more than just a design for your next tattoo or your fashion statement.”
While it’s not a language itself, Baybayin has been an integral part of the history and heritage of the Tagalog language. The ancient script of the Tagalogs was among one of the many indigenous writing systems of the Philippines before the Spaniards ...
Baybayin Fonts and Baybayin Guide Books are available to download for free.
Lloyd Zapanta, a graphic designer, has developed Baybayin font in five different styles (Baybayin Sisil, Baybayin Bayani, Baybayin Robotoika, Baybayin Sarimanok, and Baybayin Chochin). Four of the styles are free to download, while the Chochin costs P100. "One of my goals since 2015 ...
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