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Plain? Cheese? Plain cheese? Regular? We asked the experts.
What do you call an unadorned, triangular slice of dough baked with a crust, tomato sauce, and cheese? In America, there is divisiveness over how to refer to a pizza with no toppings. Bringing it up often draws as much derision as ...
It allows you to bring in some comfort food mixed in with traditional cuisine.
With the lockdowns changing names and replacing themselves often through what seems to be a roulette fashion, it’s safe to say that going out for the usual meals isn’t something that could happen anytime soon. Many food and snack companies have resorted ...
The site offers exclusive online discounts and promos.
Sometimes it just can’t be helped. Those food cravings attack whenever they please, and then you suddenly realize that you have no other choice but to order online. Luckily, starting today, PHO24 is available for online orders for customers to enjoy the authentic ...
Add a new Japanese dish to your roster.
Recently, La Germania held a masterclass series featuring celebrities and chefs from all over the country. The five-part installment of virtual cooking classes saw expert instructors such as chef Margarita Fores, chef Rolando Laudico, and more guide viewers to cooking signature dishes. If ...
Grab just released its latest Food Trends Report.
Takeout is the new normal, and you wouldn’t be alone if you said Grab was one of your most used apps in 2020. Grab Philippines recently released its 2020-2021 Food Trends Report, which includes key insights, trends, and suggestions for the local ...
Check your Grab apps.
At the start of the very first lockdown, quarantine had all of us becoming pseudo-chefs in the kitchen, enjoying creating home-cooked meals with all the newfound downtime at home. After 15 months of that, it’s safe to say that some of us ...
Ready-to-go lechon.
Earlier this week, Zubuchon posted a teaser on its Facebook page that selected 7-Eleven stores will start carrying its famous Zubuchon Boneless Lechon soon. We asked the marketing department of Philippine Seven Corporation for some more details and here’s what we found ...
Sometimes, preserving heritage looks like gatekeeping.
On July 9, the Department of Trade and Industry announced it was aiming to standardize the cooking technique of the Philippine adobo. It enlisted the help of Manila-based star chefs to help it define what adobo is. A flood of criticism forced the ...
Jollibee's underrated dessert.
Washington Post food critic Tim Carman recently wrote a rave review of the latest Jollibee store in Maryland, U.S.A. and all the praise has us feeling like stage parents cheering on the homegrown fast-food brand as it champions Filipino fast food around ...
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