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While the original branch in Hole in the Wall focuses mainly on their chicken, Bad Bird's latest venture introduces new exclusive items to the menu.
The masterminds behind Bad Bird are back and badder than ever. Born from the desire to elevate casual food and to stand out amidst the oversaturated industry, Bad Bird has become more than just fried chicken so good it keeps you up ...
You may have checked the classics off your list, but we bet you haven't tried every amazing fried chicken in the Metro.
Fried chicken. You can find it in high-end restaurants. You can find it in fast-food chains. You can find it anywhere and everywhere simply because a dish this amazing should be enjoyed by everyone. Every respectable fried chicken lover nurses a standby. ...
We've seen stranger things. Oppa Chicken reminds us why we just can't quit fried chicken. Ever.
It’s very very good!The words are boldly proclaimed on a large signboard, running just below a 2D mascot of a sunglasses-sporting anthropomorphic chicken welcoming anyone who enters the premises with a thumbs-up. The restaurant is simple, if not small, and shortly after I’m ...
Savor this delicious irony: one of our most iconic Filipino restaurants built its reputation on American fried chicken.
Ironically enough, the first time I really experienced a Max’s Restaurant fried chicken meal was when I was 18 years old, in Glendale, California. Yes, I did grow up in Manila. No, I didn’t live under a rock. In the ’90s, it ...
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