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From the mind and hands of Spanish chef and current Philippines resident Chef Chele Gonzalez.
Jose Luis Gonzalez—or better known by his nickname Chele—is perhaps one of the most well-known chefs active in the culinary landscape that is Manila. Born in the town of Torrelavega in the Cantabria region of Spain, Gonzalez spent time as a DJ ...
Gaggan Anand, Asia's Best, teams up with Manila's best, Chele Gonzalez
“Fuck this…fuck that.”Gaggan Anand, in the country to collaborate with Philippines’ best, Chele Gonzalez of Gallery by Chele, says “fuck” so much that by the third course, the word has practically lost its meaning. Or maybe gained more. A dinner by him makes ...
Chef Chele Gonzalez is a master of culinary invention and reinvention.
It came as a surprise to many when chef Chele Gonzalez and his partners at Gallery Vask announced its temporary closure late last year to make way for a new concept in Philippine contemporary dining.The move came after spending two consecutive years ...
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