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What do we really get out of it?
Children figure out early on that the reason for wrapping gifts is to conceal what’s inside; to make a guessing game out if it, even for just a few seconds after being handed the gift, or for an entire torturous week while ...
You shouldn’t feel pressured to give gifts to people if you don’t feel like it or you can’t afford to.
I used to get together with a group of friends every holiday season. We’d plan the whole thing via our Yahoogroups (remember that?) and talk about the gifts we wanted to receive. We even started drawing up a “wish list” for ourselves ...
It's the thought that counts, sure, but we all know there's more to perfect presents than that.
They say that a gift is as much a reflection of the giver as the receiver, and no other time puts your brand of generosity to the test than Christmas.'Tis the season when all lines lead to the malls, and idle moments ...
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