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Time to upgrade your listening experience with JBL's Live Series headphones.
Audio equipment experts JBL just released its newest line of sports and lifestyle headphones, all of which feature true wireless and active noise cancellation technology suited for sports, professional, and everyday use.It sent us early samples of the Live Series headphones, including the over-the-ears Live ...
Hear more than ever before
It is said that readers of Ian McDonald's meticulous Revolution In The Head, a 2007 set of mini-essays that dissected every Beatles' track ever recorded, went back and listened to the songs as if for the first time ever, hearing music they'd heard ...
Pairs from the likes of Sennheiser and Bose that will make detangling a thing of the past.
A pair of tinny, jiggly earphones can put you off running for life. Rocky never had to stop and untangle wires, and neither should you. That’s why we’ve gathered eight of the very best work-out earphones on the market, all designed with ...
From big and flashy over-the-ear headphones all the way to understated in-ear offerings, there is a noise-cancelling headset for everyone
Whether you choose regular over-the-ear or in-ear buds, noise-cancelling headphones can be ideal for drowning out the busy sounds that surround us all.A good pair will also serve as a great set of headphones even when your music isn't competing with background ...
Feel the music.
These days, we're spending less (nothing?) on music, but more on the kit to play it on.In particular there's an increasing demand for sound quality. The majority of headphones work by converting digital music files into analogue sound. Audiophiles argue that this ...
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