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Les Twins, the dance kings who shared the stage with Beyoncé, partners with Hennessy to create a portfolio of very special experiences, drinks included.
When you ask a world-famous dance duo about the importance of the self as identical twins, things get tricky—fast. The invisible or spiritual or even magical connection that goes beyond being siblings is a concept that you can’t (and won’t!) really understand ...
Hennessey becomes the official spirit of the NBA.
Alcohol and sports are not unlikely bedfellows. Spectators are often found with a drink in hand while watching the game, while players toast a win with a cold one or blunt down the sorrow of a loss with a shot (or two ...
If there’s a will, there’s a way.
You can get almost anything delivered straight to your house these days, and it only took a pandemic for it to happen. Even night owls who miss having a few drinks out on the town can now get their favorite drinks brought ...
Take your love of cognac to the next level with the Hennessy Very Special, designed by the tattoo artist who inked Sting, Marc Jacobs, and Robert Downey Jr.
In a turn of creative genius, Hennessy has partnered up with New York-based tattoo artist Scott Campbell to bring us the latest edition of its Very Special Limited Edition series, which now comes in a bottle designed by the virtuoso himself. Critically acclaimed as one of the brightest ...
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