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Home buddies, prepare your wallets.
IKEA Philippines is set to launch in just a few months, but eager soon-to-be customers can sign up to its official membership program starting July 7 on IKEA Family Day. The best part? It’s completely free.IKEA Family is the Swedish brand’s international ...
The Swedish furniture store offers a handbook for diferent bedroom needs.
“Are you getting enough satisfaction in your bedroom?” asks Swedish home brand IKEA.This feels weird, because why would a furniture store ask about your bedroom situation? It turns out IKEA has a lot to say about the matter. With the goal of inspiring ...
Plus, what you need to know about Ikea Philippines.
Since the announcement of its pending opening in 2020, Ikea has been generating a lot of buzz. In an official press conference, we learned more about the first Ikea store in the Philippines, among other useful details.Apparently, we’ve been pronouncing Ikea wrong all ...
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