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Filipino creativity on a global platform.
Maison et Objet is a French trade fair that deals with interior design and often considered one of the three most important industry events in the world. Filipino designers are no stranger to the trade fair, representing the country in nearly every ...
Deakin asks: Do you really need a license for choosing fabrics for your home?
Can an unlicensed designer dispense advice about people’s homes? Put another way: if you were redecorating your home, can you accept design tips from an unlicensed designer?ALSO READ: ARCHITECTS AND DESIGNERSThe Best Interior Designers and Decorators in the PhilippinesThe Best Architects in ...
Conduct dinner parties with ease by designing a sleek living room for all your needs.
Having guests over is a joy, but it’s not fun when everyone’s cramped in the living room, literally rubbing elbows as they talk to one another. If there are no proper tables, the chances of drinks being spilled are also very high. ...
And no, it doesn’t include sports memorabilia.
The concept of a ‘man cave’ typically conjures up images of a foosball table, a large flatscreen TV, and perhaps basketball jerseys as the only kind of interior decoration. While these are undoubtedly ‘masculine’ by mainstream media standards, they don’t necessarily equate ...
Without sacrificing style, of course.
They say that limitations make one more creative. This seems to be the case for condo-dwelling and the limited floor space that comes with it, where homeowners are challenged to make do with what’s available. Thankfully, with a few furniture arrangement tricks, ...
The founder of Chuvaness blends the contemporary and the classic.
For the past 15 years, Cecile Zamora has lived in this Ed Calma-designed home. Founder of Chuvaness, one of Manila’s first ultra-successful lifestyle blogs, this stylish mother of three young boys now keeps herself busy with a budding career as a DJ. ...
An elegant blend of design and style, these pieces make a great addition to any room.
Finding modern yet homey furniture and decor is a hard task. Most pieces tend to be too structural, and in turn, make for a cold home environment. We found some sophisticated pieces that challenge the modern aesthetic's reputation in Italian furniture brand Minotti’s ...
Step into the tastemaker's soulful oasis and the bustling city center nearby will seem like a land far, far away.
The pursuit of perfection. These are big words, ambitious words, and despite being hopelessly unachievable, they still serve as words of inspiration and determination. They are not the words usually spoken, however, when discussing one’s own body of work, and they are certainly ...
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