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Satellite internet in the Philippines will soon become a reality.
Starlink is a satellite internet system from Elon Musk’s Space X. Essentially it seeks to provide internet to the most remote locations across the planet by sending data via radio signals through space instead of cables. In October last year, Starlink started its ...
The Philippine Competition Commission charged a developer for doing just that.
Everybody deserves internet, but you have the right to choose a service provider which one based on your needs and budget. You can’t be forced to subscribe to one based on the whims of your landlord or condo developer. That’s exactly what happened ...
What’s it going to take for big companies to start taking better care of their customers?
I was stuck in our house in Cavite during the first stretch of strict lockdowns that started in March because of COVID-19. Thankfully, internet service there is stable, which is a godsend considering that I, like many other people, suddenly had to ...
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