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Skip the restaurant and get it fresher and cheaper.
Are you crazy about sashimi? Then you probably know that mixed feeling happiness and disappointment whenever ordering sashimi at Japanese restaurants. Sure, you're happy to be eating sashimi, but there just never seems to be enough, or worse, they might not be fresh ...
Soon-to-open Japanese fine-dining restaurant Yamazato will be offering kaiseki ryori and more gastronomic delights.
Finding authentic Japanese food may seem difficult, but thankfully, Manila is becoming an epicenter for premier dining concepts. Hotel Okura Manila—slated to open in the first half of 2020—will be Manila’s newest addition, not only to the hotel scene but the restaurant ...
This little kiosk grew into an actual business in just one year.
Desperate times often bring good fortune. In the case of Ohayo Maki x Sushi Bar, owners Miko Cayetano, Jorge Mendez, and Richard Legada, it came when they depleted their savings.Cayetano initially struck gold as a stockbroker, but his newfound wealth went as quickly ...
The only thing that can satisfy your sushi cravings? More sushi.
Japanese cuisine has, in one way or another, found a way to weave itself into our daily lives. We all grow up surrounded by some kind of Japanese food, whether it’s high-end sashimi flown in fresh daily by a chef or an ...
The new menu designed to appeal to Filipinos.
We have to hand it to the Raintree Group: They listen. Co-owner Martin Wisniewski says the new menu for their dual Japanese concept Chotto Matte and Izakaya Sensu was inspired by their guests who were demanding that they serve sushi rolls and ...
Chef Marco Legasto lets the Jiro Ono contemporary take the reigns on this one.
It is quite the unlikely bromance, really.They bonded during their tenure at Sofitel—the much younger Marco Legasto was an all-around sous chef while Yoshimi Igarashi managed the extensive Japanese preparations in the hotel. As we sat in the diminutive dining room of Ikkyu-an, the ...
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