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It's taken a long time. But finally, we happened upon the best sort of denim.
For someone who spends an inordinate amount of time talking and writing about clothes, I hate trying them on. Changing rooms are miserable places. They're pokey, and the curtain never reaches across the rail, and I'm stood sideways, trying to button-up a shirt, ...
Hi-spec denim from the boys in brand new blue (and gray, and black, and cream)
You want the best. And heck, you deserve the best. But there's a lot of choices out there, and sometimes the best is hard to find. Fortunately, we know where to find it. Every week, the Esquire editors reveal their favorite brands, from ...
Don't entrust your precious selvedge denim to some random alteration shop.
Anyone who owns a pair of serious selvedge jeans knows that while you're meant do anything and everything in them, they also demand a certain degree of attention. It takes a lot of time and effort to get selvedge denim to fade right, to shrink right, to ...
No matter your style, no matter the venue.
The denim jacket may have roots in workwear, but nowadays it's become a different beast entirely. It's not just a classic, it's remarkably versatile—if you know how to style it the right way. That's where we come in. We've pulled together three ...
Except to a black-tie gala.
The rules of denim have relaxed considerably in recent years. While jeans were once meant for weekends or for jobs that require physical labor, nowadays even bankers are rolling into the office clad in denim. But not every type of denim is ...
Remember, looking stylish is all about the fit.
It doesn't get much more iconic than a great pair of jeans. Which makes sense: They've been a staple of pretty much every guy's wardrobe for more than a century. Thing is, what makes a pair of jeans great is different for ...
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