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“The house that fried chicken built.”
In 1945, Ruby Trota opened her first restaurant café with her uncle, Maximo Gimenez in their home in Scout Tuason Street in Quezon City to cater primarily to American soldiers after the war.Trota, who named the café Max’s Restaurant after her uncle, ...
It was Rizal's leadership that brought people together to bring about change and moral awakening across the country.
The Philippines would not have achieved independence from Spain on June 12, 1898 without the patriotic leadership of Dr. Jose Rizal, whose writings instilled nationalism among his countrymen that led to a popular revolution years later.Also read: Is Sharon Cuneta Really A Billionaire? When ...
Some bosses use a tactic that gets people to be more active on a team.
Considerate or strict. Humble or egotistical. Admired or despised.Bosses are usually lumped into clear-cut categories of “good” or “bad.” But according to a study by Jon Maner of Northwestern University, effective leadership is a perceptive shift between prestige and dominance.In a general ...
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