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The greatest tennis player of all time is saying goodbye to the game—and fans and fellow athletes are logged on for it.
The greatest tennis player of all time is saying goodbye to the game. On Tuesday, Serena Williams's personal essay in Vogue published, announcing her retirement after this upcoming U.S. Open. “It’s the hardest thing that I could ever imagine,” Williams wrote. “I don’t want ...
When you choose to stay up for me time.
Sales supervisor Mitch gorges on mukbang videos until 1 a.m. even if she has to wake up in a few hours for work because that's the only "me time" she has. For 16 hours a day, she's on a coffee-fueled autopilot to finish her tasks.Procrastinating on ...
New Zealand is finally open for Filipino travelers.
Filipinos looking to explore overseas can add New Zealand to their options as the island nation reopened its doors again to people from the Philippines.New Zealand's Ambassador to the Philippines Peter Kell said Wellington officially reopened to  Filipinos on Aug. 1 and ...
With our colorful corals, white sand, and pristine waters, it's no surprise why the Philippines is considered one of the best.
When it comes to snorkeling, the Philippines is only slightly unmatched. In fact, only six other countries in the world promise a better snorkeling experience than the Philippines, according to the latest travel ranking from Bounce.The travel content site and luggage app ...
EJ Obiena makes history. Again.
Filipino pole vaulter Ernest John “EJ” Obiena set another national record for the Philippines when he beat his own personal best at the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon. Obiena set a new Asian record in the men’s pole vault when he cleared ...
Despite the alarming data, many parents doubt their children when they first report instances of abuse and culture plays a major role.
Smart Parenting Guide on Sex Education seeks to empower parents in raising informed tweens and teens who understand their body and their rights with the goal of protecting them from all kinds of sexual abuse. Smart Parenting resident sex education expert, Dr. Rica Cruz is ...
It comes with a price.
High cost of living tends to correlate with high quality of living, so it’s no surprise that many expats and international workers still flock to some of the most expensive countries in the world to live and work. The opportunities, public services, ...
They’re not wrong. 
When it comes to beaches, only a handful of countries can rival the Philippines. With our white sand beaches, stunning rock formations, and untouched seas, the Philippines’ boasts some of the most majestic—and underrated—beaches in the world. It’s no wonder people flock ...
Something to consider before planning a trip.
Not every country is kind to the LGBTQ+ community. And the reality is, not all LGBTQ+ travelers are afforded the luxury of safety wherever they go. It's just another sign of the daily struggles of the community, having to always consider if ...
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