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The four beach hotspots most-loved by locals and foreigners alike!
Cabin fever is real, folks. According to the 7,200 Filipinos who answered the Department of Tourism’s survey, travel is necessary for our sanity. After more than a year of lockdown, our dreams of returning to the beach, hiking up a mountain, and ...
Looks like Bad Luck Brian got lucky.
The guy behind the meme “Bad Luck Brian” seems to have lucked out after he decided to sell the original photo of the classic internet meme for a whopping P1.8 million ($37,000). The photo in question is that of Kyle Craven himself, who ...
Our salivary glands are similar to venom glands in snakes. 
“You’re so toxic.” Possibly in a few couple of million years, that phrase would describe a person’s physical attributes rather than his personality.A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) ...
Winnie Talosig-Rebancos is Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines' technology chief. 
Winnie Talosig-Rebancos was almost home from her 18th birthday celebration at Jollibee when she heard a commotion.“Magbayad na kayo ng upa niyo!”Their landlord was shouting through a megaphone looking for her parents. All their neighbors could hear that they had not paid ...
Your COVID-19 whitelist includes the people you desperately want to be close with.
We’ve all done it.We’ve all broken pandemic protocols. We’ve all gone out for something not essential. We’ve all skipped the masks when we shouldn’t have. We’ve all been less than six feet apart.This may infuriate some but it shouldn’t surprise anybody.We’re one ...
One scientist warns that men won’t be able to reproduce by 2045.
The fate of mankind is looking a little precarious right now.According to Dr. Shanna Swan, an environmental and reproductive epidemiologist at Mount Sinai in New York, pollution is not just destroying our planet—it’s disrupting fertility in men.In Swan’s new book Count Down, ...
We chart the life of the world’s most famous golfer
Toward the end of Tiger, journalist and author Armen Keteyian remembers how young golfers would wish they’d had the chance to go up against prime-era Tiger Woods, before his comeback win at the 2019 Masters. “The f*ck you do,” says Keteyian to anyone ...
Now that the vaccine is here, we can talk about herd immunity.
This time last year when COVID-19 was still a relatively new word flashing in every headline, herd immunity was being brought up as a possible alternative to lockdowns. The idea shot down quickly. As epidemiologists have discussed before, the only time to ...
The country with the worst quality? Bangladesh.
“Quality air” is not really the word we’d use to describe Metro Manila’s streets. But it pays to remember that outside the capital, there are plenty of beaches, mountains, and open areas in the Philippines to make up for all the smoke-belching ...
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