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It's about time. You've finally decided to resign from your job. There's nothing like the joy of knowing that you've finally made that big choice, but of course, you can't just up and go (read: don't go AWOL). As with everything you've done ...
Sexmoan. Population: 28,004.
Blame it on the Spanish. Sasmuan is a small coastal town in the province of Pampanga, but the peaceful community was given an R-18 name when the Spaniards came and colonized the Philippines back in the 16th century.Apparently, the Spaniards couldn’t figure ...
Henann Group of Resorts issued a statement of denial that reads...familiar.
Now that Boracay is in the first of several reopening phases, the spotlight is back on the island and the many establishments there that were forced by the Duterte administration to close earlier this year for rehabilitation. There is, however, a lingering question: How ...
This may be the only time you can say "PDEA" and "awww" in the same breath.
The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has announced that it is retiring 13 of its narcotic detection dogs (NDDs) and putting them up for adoption. These hard-working K9s certainly deserve all the love and care they can get after serving our country. If you're ...
Here's how to access some missing articles you may need.
If you’ve recently tried to access any government-hosted websites, you might have noticed that the Philippines has run into a spot of technical difficulties.Last week, the DICT issued a statement saying that “The Government Web Hosting Service (GWHS) is experiencing hardware failure ...
It'll cost a cool £4bn.
In the impressive building game, it's not enough just to be really tall anymore. Now you've got to go wide like Google's new landscraper planned for King's Cross or pick a trendy new material. Japanese company Sumitomo Forestry Co are planning a new ...
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