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The video, which has since gone viral, is something we all need to hear.
YouTube, am I right? Most of the time, you get stuck down a nostalgic rabbit hole with suggested videos or sometimes you get cursed videos to watch late at night. On occasion, though, the platform gets it right. Such is the case with ...
See the photos of Manila in the 1950s here.
The '50s were a time of prosperity and growth in many places around the world—the Philippines included. Manila, specifically, had almost recovered from the Battle of Manila and was entering its golden age as it was tagged the "Pearl of the Orient." Here's ...
Here's a no-spoiler analysis of the epic clash.
Godzilla Vs. Kong is finally out. As always, people are already looking at the scientific accuracy of the epic clash. This time though, it's less about facts and more about who would actually win the epic clash in real life.A University of ...
'Our findings suggest that instead of farming, climate change may have played a more important role in driving the mass movement of populations in various directions.'
The Philippines, with more than 7,000 islands, has been a link between Southeast Asia, Australia, and more through time. The archipelago and its people have fascinated researchers for its complex origins, inter-relatedness, and genetic diversity.An Uppsala University-led study by a group of researchers from ...
The proceeds of the sale will go to the University Hospital Southampton.
Game Changer, a painting by Banksy, has just set a new record for the artist by selling for $23.1 million in an auction by Christie's in London. The painting features an image of a little boy playing with a set of superhero ...
Just how stressful is it to be a CEO?
Being a workaholic used to be a badge of honor. But, times have changed and people are realizing just how harmful fatigue is. In fact, the Japanese even have a term called karoshi for death due to overworking.A new study shows that while regular ...
They're super affordable, too.
If you've been hanging out on Instagram or Pinterest, then you've probably saved a few photos of home interiors that feature aesthetic retro decor. Perhaps hinged on our current fascination with all things nostalgic or just a longtime interest in classic items, ...
See the list's 10 top countries here.
The World Happiness Report is here and you know what that means: we'll finally get to see which countries are happier than us. In case you need a refresher, the report ranks that most content places in the world according to income, healthy life ...
That's at least P110,000 of earnings each month.
This just in: Money can actually buy happiness. It wasn't the case before... but the link between money and happiness has greatly changed in recent years. And now, we know the exact amount the average Filipino needs to be fully happy.A new study by ...
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