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The National Artist passed away at the age of 97.
Palanca Awardee for Literature and National Artist Francisco Sionil Jose was a guest lecturer at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila on July 30, 2018. He was one of the last guest speakers we invited to interact with the students while I was ...
Quintin Pastrana writes about nature, love, and heartbreak in seven-syllable lines.
Quintin Pastrana was working on a community library in Mindoro when he fell in love with the ambahan, the traditional form of poetry of the Hanunuo Mangyan, an indigenous group. Each line of an ambahan is made up of only seven syllables, each ...
The Age of Umbrage delivers the author’s trademark wit and sarcasm, but with a hopeful twist.
In Jessica Zafra’s The Age of Umbrage, we meet Guada. Precocious, no-nonsense and a voracious consumer of books, music and film, she anchors a book that is part-bildungsroman and part-social critique, set during a time when pop culture was inescapable, but just ...
The author dedicates the short story to "the memory of Kian, Emmanuel, Myca, Kim, and countless others, and their nameless constellations in the gloaming."
Richie stood by the water's edge, and took off his mask at the foot of the crimson bridge marking the halfway point of their escape. The little Lumad girl was still asleep, cooled with the half-rolled down window, hidden in the blanket-lined ...
Sophia Lee’s colorful stories explore what it means to be Filipino.
Serious fiction writers dream of being published internationally. For Filipino author Sophia Lee, that dream is her reality. Lee, who grew up in Manila, has two published books by Scholastic in a span of three years. The first book, What Things Mean, ...
News clippings of the account were even found in Nabokov’s journal.
Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita was a short story-turned-novel, which was published for the first time in 1955. The controversial book has been deemed a classic until today, despite many other tomes that have been published since then. Bookworm or not, everyone is probably ...
It's called UPper Shelf (get it?)
The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that Filipino and Philippine Literature are now excluded from the core subjects in college. This was announced to the press on November 9, and was met with protests by university and college professors, National Artists, and lawmakers, who pointed ...
Listen to some of the tracks here.
There’s only one button on this big weird machine, and it can really only do one thing: play poetry. But in the big city, where almost every sound is noise, that’s a big thing.The country’s first-ever poetry jukebox—the first in Asia—is a ...
Science can do a better job explaining the miracle of life, Hawking says in a collection of essays.
Stephen Hawking was not a god-fearing man. He examined the birth of the universe because he wanted to "know the mind of God"—and perhaps take Him down a few notches with scientific reason. He said that the afterlife was "a fairy story ...
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