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This could be the norm for a whileAn online system has been long in the works at the LTO, but it is only now that the system was launched.
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has opened an online portal to accommodate license renewals and car registrations to avoid direct contact and COVID-19 infections. Top Story: Actual Crazy Rich Asians We'd Love to See Movies AboutOn June 8, the LTO said motorists can go ...
No more queuing up at any LTO branch to have your license renewed.
Does the idea of renewing your driver’s license online sound good to you? Well, don’t look now, but the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is currently cooking up a centralized digital system that will incorporate all of the agency’s services.According to an ...
Repeat offenders beware
Sometimes, you get the sense that drivers in the Philippines simply don’t care. Simple-to-follow rules and regulations are broken or ignored far too often, and when motorists are caught, they simply pay the fine and go back to, well, sucking behind the ...
Maybe it's because of the weird URL.
It was time to renew my driver’s license. Incidentally, my pickup’s vehicle registration was also due for renewal, so I had decided to hit two birds with one stone at LTO Pasig.I wasn’t able to wake up early enough, though, and arrived ...
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