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We dived down this rabbit hole so you won’t have to. 
There are at least five strangers texting me about a “job opportunity” that could pay as much as P50,000 a month. All of the texts had a similar format, with a link that takes you down a rabbit hole you don’t want ...
Be careful of scammers.
The so-called SIM swap scam is making a comeback and you should know what it is so you can be better prepared. On Sunday (October 31), Globe Telecom Inc. issued a warning to the public about the resurgence of the mobile phone scam. According ...
The South Korean tech company said it is “open to all possibilities.”
LG Electronics has indicated that it might finally shut down its smartphone business after years of losses and being unable to make a dent in the highly competitive world of mobile phones. In a report on Nikkei Asia, LG CEO Brian Kwon said ...
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