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The five-episode miniseries was inspired by a 70’s Swedish show.
In a world where the entertainment industry seems to churn out more reboots and remakes than actual original content, viewers may tend to overlook anything that seems revived. How can anyone bring anything new to something that’s already been done? Is there ...
See where Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings fits in our great sendup of the MCU's 25(!) films.
Sure, Marvel has been keeping fans happy for just about all of 2021 with its Disney+ jams, between WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and of course, Loki. But we all know that feeling. That feeling, you say? The goosebumps you get in a cushy, dark-red movie ...
Here's everything we know about Filipino-Canadian Gordon Cormier.
Filipino-Canadian Gordon Kyle Diez Cormier is going to be mastering all four elements as he plays the character of Aang, the Last Airbender. On August 12, Netflix revealed the cast of its live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender, which was originally an ...
Watch the trailer of Encanto. 
Everything about Encanto’s trailer looks promising. Like Coco, it highlights a certain culture, this time, of Colombia. The story takes place in the household of the Madrigal family, whose members are all “gifted”—one can enchant objects to move on their own, one has ...
Go beyond your usual Netflix and chill programming.
Looking for something to watch that will challenge your mental capabilities? Don’t fret, The Watcher’s got you covered. Here are five underrated sci-fi movies that will surely give your brain cells a workout.Don't forget to subscribe to the Esquire Philippines YouTube channel. Esquire Philippines is ...
The first episode is pretty standard superhero fare until you get to the end.
Invincible tells the story of Mark Grayson, a regular American teenager living in a regular American town. He’s normal—except for the fact that his father is OmniMan, a Superman-like figure who is the most powerful superhero on the planet.The first episode is ...
Coming in 2023.
Remember the halcyon days of May 2019, and the general disillusionment, fury and giddy abandon that met the last series of Game of Thrones? When you'd wander around Reddit and Twitter, huffing the fumes of righteous indignation and getting a little buzz on. ...
He talks about the shows on the latest episode of his podcast, Endslate.
While stuck in lockdown, filmmaker Quark Henares watched TV. “HOLY MOLEY I WATCHED 41 SHOWS RELEASED IN 2020 ALONE. I honestly think I watched more TV this year than I did 2010-2015 combined. My God what am I doing with my life, ...
Trese has crisp and detailed graphics.
Netflix just released the first look of Trese, a homegrown anime from the Philippines created by Budgette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo. The images were shown at the launch of the Netflix Anime festival on October 27.According to Rio Uchida, a Japanese actress ...
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