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"If you watch a Star Wars, you're pretty much going to get the same version of Star Wars each time."
Mark Ruffalo seems like a pretty chill dude. Someone I'd want to grab a beer with. In fact, he seems like the kind of pretty chill dude who, after said beer, would get a little feisty. Say that thing he's always wanted ...
Euphoria's casting director revealed that the role almost went to a newcomer.
There are a few characters on TV nowadays I could never imagine having a different face. Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy? Brian Cox as Logan Roy? Sarah Snook as Shiv Roy?! I'm just naming Succession characters.In all seriousness, though, let's talk about a perfect match, which ...
"It would've been like, 'Oh, this is psychotic,'" she said.
Seven years after the first Fifty Shades of Grey movie came out, Dakota Johnson is speaking out about what her experience filming the franchise was really like in Vanity Fair. But first, it’s worth noting that Dakota refers to Fifty Shades as “those big naked movies.” And to that ...
Elon Musk, baby.
Back in the days when Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark was alive (RIP!), whizzing around the Marvel Cinematic Universe, did you ever think that he reminded you of someone?Well, if Iron Man's combo of bravado, tech ingenuity, and sheer eccentricity had you seeing ...
"I have friends who died doing this. Sometimes when I hear the critics say we should not do it because people get killed. I know. That is a good argument."
Palawan appears to be an idyllic tropical island. Its powder-white beaches and lush forests have made it one of Asia’s hottest new tourist destinations. But for a tiny network of environmental crusaders trying to protect its spectacular natural resources, it is more ...
Judging from an unsettling new trailer, audiences are in for a real treat.
Looks like food, fright, and Ralph Fiennes is what we can expect to be on the menu this November. The upcoming fall movie release, called, yes, The Menu, also stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Holt, and judging from the new trailer, streaming above, ...
Eight iconic films starring Cherie Gil you can watch on YouTube for free.
In honor of legendary actress Cherie Gil, Regal Entertainment has released The Life and Work of Cherie Gil, a YouTube playlist presenting some of the late icon’s award-winning movies that the public can watch for free. Cherie Gil played the role of Miriam ...
Bullet Train is a one-way ticket to fun and there are no stops.
Brad Pitt is 58 years old. Conventional wisdom says he’s supposed to be too old to be busting heads and kicking ass, but we just had a 60-year-old Tom Cruise break box office records with Top Gun: Maverick, so here we are. ...
She starred in the show's gripping fifth episode, "24/7."
A Filipina actress thanked Filipinos for watching the Netflix series The Sandman, where she played the female CEO in the dark adaptation of the DC Comics series.London-based Lourdes Faberes played Kate Fletcher, who went to the diner with her husband Garry to ...
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