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'Huling Unang Sayaw' talks about a promise between newlyweds during their first dance.
OPM icon Ebe Dancel welcomes 2022 with a showcase of talent, creativity, and love in the form of a music video for his latest song, ‘Huling Unang Sayaw.’  The video is set to premiere via Facebook Live on Friday (today), January 21, ...
Another record.
OPM boy group SB19 has set another record on Billboard charts.For the sixth time, the group's song "Bazinga" secured the top spot on Billboard's Hot Trending Songs Chart.SB19 is a five-member group composed of Pablo, Stell, Justin, Ken, and Josh.Billboard's Hot Trending Songs Chart, ...
You’re not the only one with LSS. 
Bruno barely got any screen time in Disney’s hit animated musical Encanto, but he’s already become the subject of the studio’s highest-charting song from a Disney animated movie in 26 years. It's official: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is officially ...
The band gets candid about their favorites, firsts, and dreams for the future.
Before 2021 ended, Esquire Philippines had the chance to talk to all nine members of one of the best bands of our time, Ben&Ben, made up of Paolo Benjamin Guico, Miguel Benjamin Guico, Poch Barretto, Jam Villanueva, Agnes Reoma, Pat Lasaten, Andrew ...
Did your favorites make the list?
In the second year of the global pandemic, we got to see more of its effects in the output of our creatives. For the year’s best records, there were obvious choices, but others we had to dig deeper and sift through the ...
In the mood for some Johann Strauss?
New Year’s in the Philippines is almost always the same: fireworks, media noche with loved ones, and lots of noise. But in case you’re in the mood to ring in 2022 with something a bit more refined, the world-famous Vienna Philharmonic has ...
On the latest episode of Esquire Sessions Live.
In the fifth episode of Esquire Sessions Live, Esquire’s associate editor and podcast host PJ Caña talks to Orange and Lemons (O&L) frontman Clem Castro, a defining voice in Filipino pop. Castro’s been in the music scene for almost 20 years, from ...
Perfect for a chill run then?
A new study by British retailer Pour Moi has revealed the music artists that make you run faster (and slower). The most interesting tidbit? Listening to Drake will make you run… slower. That's right, keep the rapper out of your playlist if you ...
It’s Ben&Ben’s world; we're just living in it.
This year marks the 10th anniversary of Esquire Philippines. What better way to celebrate than with our annual Man at His Best (MAHB) event. This year, we honor 10 heroes and mavericks from the worlds of film, music, business, art, sports, politics, ...
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