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Gilda Cordero-Fernando taught writers what they should want to be.
Me at 12, frozen in the afternoon light in our small living room extension, looking out at a backyard of tall and unkept grass. The phone is ringing. A record is playing. This might have been the summer when girls happened to ...
Amid the chaos of lingering emotions, a father remembers to ask his firstborn if he is okay.
Dear Paolo, In our family, there is one day in our lives that will forever live in infamy.  May 23, 2009.  We lost a major part of our small family on that day. Lola Daisy, your cousin Anton and his Yaya Tess, and your only ...
Regina Abuyuan writes about her memories of Patricio, who lived on their farm, laughed at the clouds, stared at the color orange, and could foretell the weather.
My son of a bitch father used to boast that we had a security guard to guard our farmhouse.We didn't have a security guard. We had an idiot named Patricio who refused to wear underpants, or any sort of pants for that ...
One year after the end of the siege of Marawi, martial law has still not been lifted in Mindanao.
The Battle of Marawi ended in October last year, yet we in Mindanao are still under martial law. For Moros, it is something that brings back the horrors of the imposition of Martial Law in 1972, when widespread violations of Moros’ human rights ...
Singer, actor, and lifestyle writer Franco Laurel describes the ups and downs of a professional life that has taken him to many places, and how family can keep a man together.
I always wanted to be a dad. Even as a teenager, I dreamt about being married to the most beautiful woman in the world, and then having the most adorable, loving, caring, talented children. I would even write down my future children's ...
A reflection on what all that ugliness revealed about us as a people
It doesn’t really matter who started it. What matters is that our men allowed an official, world-stage basketball game to escalate into a vicious street-corner brawl. What matters is that our national sportsmen were so shamefully unsportsmanlike to their opponents, visitors to ...
From when I was about four years old all the way up to my late teens, my dad would take me to work—whatever his work happened to be at that moment in his life.
From when I was about four years old all the way up to my late teens, my dad would take me to work—whatever his work happened to be at that moment in his life.When he was in banking he took me to ...
Artist Dex Fernandez sustained serious injuries from a bar brawl over the weekend, in the latest from a scene that tends to circle the wagons around bad behavior.
At Dulo MNL, where the music takes lead, it’s hard to tell who’s who. Sometimes that’s the point. On good nights, the space is so packed that you can’t tell who you’re dancing next to. Probably someone you’ve met before. Like a ...
A passionate argument against internalized bigotry by a career sportswriter.
AS a boxer who was without equal, Manny Pacquiao united Filipinos from all over the world with the power of his punches and the overflowing national pride stirred by his victories. As a politician, he tears us apart by the carelessness of ...
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