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It could happen to you.
Paulia Belgado became a romance novelist by posting 280 characters on Twitter and less than 500 characters on Facebook. The global publishing company Harlequin was holding a pitch event on social media, and so Belgado decided to try her luck. Her story pitch ...
“So recklessly does our world move now that ignorance outpaces understanding, and so many of us judge without thinking,” one character says.
The new novel by Miguel Syjuco opens with a description of the presidential penis—a thick “birdie”—by Vita Nova, a starlet paramour-turned-politician in the first of a series of tell-all interviews about the most powerful man in the land.I Was the President’s Mistress!! ...
Aswangs are going international.
In Jason Tanamor’s novel Vampires of Portlandia, a family of aswangs immigrates from their homeland the Philippines to the United States’ Pacific Northwest. Settling in Portland, Oregon, the aswangs are surprised when they discover other aswang breeds living among them. Tanamor, a second-generation ...
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