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Kumu founder and CEO Roland Ros spent a life-defining summer in the Philippines with the late author.
Susan Quimpo, a freedom fighter, a writer, and a courageous activist, passed away last week, on July 14, 2020. She was 59. As a student, Quimpo was politicized at the University of the Philippines at the height of Martial Law.She was the youngest ...
He was known for pioneering kinetic art in the country.
Contemporary sculptor Gabriel "Gabby" Barredo passed away today, January 6. He was 62 years old. Known as the pioneer of "kinetic" art in the Philippines, Barredo was one of the artists featured in the first Art Fair Philippines in 2013. He created a ...
He was also an inker for Marvel and DC Comics.
Gerry Alanguilan, known for inking Marvel and DC Comics as well as for his award-winning comic book Elmer, has passed away, confirmed his wife and friends on Facebook. He was 51 years old.On his last blog entry, dated December 14, he wrote:It ...
He died one day after the anniversary of Martial Law.
Veteran journalist Nelson Navarro, who witnessed and wrote about the most turbulent times in Philippine history, suffered a stroke on a peaceful Sunday morning. He was 71.His family and friends announced the death on social media.Navarro’s career as a journalist started at ...
Wolfe redefined magazine writing at Esquire and other storied media brands.
Tom Wolfe, the white-suited wizard of "New Journalism" who exuberantly chronicled American culture from the Merry Pranksters through the space race before turning his satiric wit to such novels as The Bonfire of the Vanities and A Man in Full, has died. He was 88.Wolfe's ...
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