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Come December, bidding begins on two iconic watch styles from two equally iconic Hollywood legends.
Forget separating the artist from his art. For a certain type of collector, it's all about separating the artist from Diehard watch enthusiasts are as enthralled with proximity to celebrity as the rest of us. An association with a big-name star ...
It came in at the price of three Porsches, and it was worth it.
We’ve introduced you to the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona before, and we were excited when we found out that one would be going up for auction here in the Philippines (not that we ever actually had a shot at it, really—it was ...
This extremely coveted Rolex is going under the hammer at Salcedo Auctions.
A few months back, we picked up on news that the iconic Rolex Daytona of actor and racecar driver Paul Newman had surfaced and was and going up for auction in New York. It was a Reference 6239—the one he actually wore—and ...
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