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Mariano Di Vaio, family man and ambassador of K by Dolce & Gabbana, embodies the perfume’s ethos of becoming the king of your life.
What does it mean to be successful? Italian luxury label Dolce & Gabbana attempts to define the victory you crave by invoking a very big idea, that of a king, which is the center of its men’s fragrance, K by Dolce & ...
Your seductive perfume may include ingredients such as vomit, sweat, and poop.
What strange ingredients are hiding in your bottle of perfume? Consider this: In the 2006 movie Perfume, a weird super smeller played by Ben Whishaw (he is not smelly but has a keen sense of smell) is on a mission to create a fragrance ...
Towers, fists, torsos, slabs... these perfume bottles are baby sculptures.
When buying perfume, are you here for the juice or the bottle? Some say what matters is what’s within, while others argue that, yes, you should take into consideration the vessel in which the scent, cologne, fragrance, or make-me-sexy potion is housed ...
Dior includes a Philippine ingredient in one of its most powerful perfumes.
Almost all fashion houses have designer perfumes, those little vials of juice that promise to impart the magic of a French or Italian label at a fraction of the cost of, say, an embroidered coat, a leather bag, or even a sneaker. ...
The L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme IGO splits into half so you can enjoy it here and everywhere else. 
On the overpopulated grooming station of a perfume addict, the shard-like bottles of Issey Miyake are unmistakable. They rise like ice knives, teasing you to pick them up and wear their delicious poison. The sculptural design is in line with the shapemaster's clothes, ...
The citrus-powered Météore by Louis Vuitton has no limits.
Louis Vuitton entered the world of men’s perfume in 2018, releasing five fragrances, L'Immensité, Nouveau Monde, Orage, Sur la Route, and Au Hasard, all at the same time. It was a ballsy move that proclaimed: “Yeah, we know what we’re doing and ...
As the hot summer months set in, the key to feeling fresh throughout the day is to smell fresh, too. If you feel like you’re not getting maximum wear from your go-to scent, here are tips to keep it going strong.
There’s a powerful connection between scent and memory, and you want to make an impression by triggering just the right one—but how can you make perfume last longer so that people will remember you long after you’ve left the room?   Here are ...
In the wake of Celine's news about their soon-to-be-released perfume collection, we ask what makes the beauty world so attractive for brands to explore.
Earlier this week, French fashion house Celine teased its upcoming perfume collection, Haute Parfumerie. The news stirred much excitement within the beauty industry and Celine fans could barely hold still.One Instagram post reads, “The Celine Haute Parfumerie Collection recaptures Hedi Slimane's masculine-feminine stylistic ...
Prince Charles, Prince Williams, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kate Moss use fragrances by Penhaligon's.
Many will agree that a century is more than enough time for a brand to build its legacy.Penhaligon’s, a favorite among past and present kings and queens, is steeped in its own colorful history. The scent continues to enrich this legacy by ...
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