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These are the remaining six national parties that are currently represented in the 17th Congress of the Philippines.
In our first story on the different political parties in the Philippines, we only included the nine major political parties recognized by the Comelec for the 2016 national elections.To provide more insight about the politicians we have today, as well as the ...
These are the 9 major political parties in the country, and the senatorial candidates they endorse.
The midterm elections are fast approaching.In order to make an informed decision, it is important to take a good look at what the candidates are promising their constituents, as well as the principles they hold.Most of our candidates run under a political ...
The lower house approved the proposed charter change on third and final reading on December 11.
The House of Representatives passed on third and final reading a proposal that seeks to amend the 1987 Constitution for the creation of a federal government. Resolution of Both Houses (RBH) 15, authored no less than by House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, ...
To begin Esquire's series of interviews with candidates seeking posts in 2019, we speak to Samira Gutoc, a hijab-wearing Muslim who is running for the Senate in the hopes of bringing the 20-year absence of a Muslim legislator from the Upper Chamber to an end.
Last year, during a special session of Congress on the matter of martial law in Mindanao, Samira Gutoc spoke as one of the survivors of the Battle of Marawi. Gutoc asked the government to lift martial law in Mindanao, and asked the ...
Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque was a lawyer, a law professor, and a member of Congress before he took a position at Malacañang. Here is what he's learned throughout his career, much of which is spent blinking in the spotlight.
People think you just show up at the rostrum and speak, people don’t know the amount of preparation needed. As soon as I show up at the office, I read all the newspapers that we have. I get two briefings, one is ...
Back in July 2014, the Marcos scion shared where he thought we were as a nation and where he supposed, proposed, we could be headed.
When I was asked to give my thoughts on the state of affairs in the country today, I knew it would be a formidable task. Every new administration is elected by the people in the hope of a better future. We would ...
Former students share their baffling memories of the newly appointed presidential consultant on education.
In June 2016, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that President Rodrigo Duterte was planning to appoint Prof. Jose David Lapuz—his former professor at Lyceum of the Philippines—as the new chair of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).But because the term of CHED's ...
Who acts for the good of the people by stealing from the people?
So last Friday, you might have been one of many Filipinos who clicked on part 1 of a promised “exposé” published by a shadowy organization called We Are Collective.It’s “a compendium of stories from several trusted local sources who wish to remain ...
When Ninoy Aquino was assassinated on August 21, 1983, all fingers were pointed at Rolando Galman. But who was he? Where did he come from? Gregorio C. Brillantes looks back on the life of the alleged assassin before that fateful day at the tarmac.
This article originally appeared in our August 2014 issue. Thirty-three years after the assassination of Ninoy Aquino, the question of who ordered the death of Ferdinand Marcos’s foremost opponent remains unresolved. But the identity of the assassin—the man who killed Ninoy Aquino with ...
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