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Is this the origin story of Buzz Lightyear the man or the toy? Or both? And yes, we have follow-ups.
Let's cut to it: most sequels are bad. Or at least middling in comparison to the original. And then there's Toy Story, whose three (3) sequels have been as great, if not better than the 1995 original. And for the record, I played ...
The collab is a solid effort to minimize the company’s carbon footprint
Back in January, Adidas announced it was giving its classic tennis shoe, the Stan Smith, the unenviable task of saving the world. Since it first released in the early 1960s, fans of the Trefoil have remained loyal to this now immortal sneaker, ...
What makes you happy does not necessarily define your purpose
What makes you happy does not necessarily define your purpose. Disney and Pixar’s latest animated film Soul is a dissection of the meaning of life. It will be available in theaters on December 25 in participating cinemas. Joe Gardner (voiced by Jamie Foxx) is a ...
It's broken down into a 22-step structure.
Although Pixar is not one of the most prolific studios in Hollywood (it only produces one movie per year), when it does make a movie, it's almost always a masterpiece. For one thing, Pixar has mastered the eternally complex and tedious art of ...
It's part of PIxar's series of "indie" shorts.
Just a few days after Darren Criss’ win at the Golden Globes, Hollywood took another step forward in recognizing its Filipino-American artists. This time, it’s courtesy of one of the largest animation studios in the world.Earlier this month, Pixar launched SparkShorts, a ...
Commence ugly-crying.
Pixar Animation Studios has set the bar for animation, partnering talented voice actors and expressive visuals with a soundtrack perfectly timed to make grown men cry. But as stunning as their films and animated shorts look, they would be nothing without a ...
All the feels
Have you heard about how all of Pixar's films exist within the same universe? It has inspired such a cult of followers it even has its own website.After years of speculation and fans piecing together moments in their films, Pixar has come ...
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